MENTOA provides support to schools around understanding and then implementing the Māori education strategy - Ka Hikitia as well as supporting schools with Hautū -  the Māori cultural responsiveness self-review tool for boards. 


MENTOA can provide support and PLD to BoT's and senior leadership teams around the utilisation of the cultural competency tool for teachers - Tātaiako. 


MENTOA can also guide in the successful implementation, operation and delivery of Ka Hikitia, Hautū, Tātaiako and Ruia into school environments, which in turn can only improve the educational achievement for Māori students.



A key skill that Mahuru brings to MENTOA Ltd is his personal passion and development for effective leadership across all areas of his life.  With a depth and breadth of governance and leadership roles spanning whānau, hapū and Iwi organisations through to schools, community groups and local government, Mahuru has the ability to relate his own personal experiences to what effective leadership should look and feel like. 


Coupled with his own desire to share the power and effectiveness of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Mahuru combines these principles together to provide a leadership development programme that is fit for purpose for any organisation that values their biggest asset - people.


Mahuru has harnessed his leadership skills to enable them to be shared in a powerful and enlightening workshop style presentation that takes participants on a journey of discovery about themselves and the leadership potential that each and every one of them possess.


MENTOA also delivers workshops and PLD sessions around the Treaty of Waitangi, as well as basic introductory lessons around Te Reo me ona Tikanga for corporate and community organisations.