MENTOA exists to ensure the future development of our Māori men through the development of programmes grounded in tikanga Māori.


Tu Rangatira Programme

Tu Rangatira is an adolescent developmental mentoring programme for Māori boys aged 12yrs+ who are currently enrolled in school.  This programme has a big focus on early intervention and prevention strategies and targets boys that are either disengaged or 'at risk' of becoming disengaged from school.  The focus is on working with groups of 10-12 boys per mentor. The programme is run on school grounds during school time and supports the school to identify new opportunities in order to create realistic and successful pathways that will support the boys to re-engage back into school.

The Tu Rangatira programme also works closely with the whānau of the boys on the programmes by conducting home visits during the enrolment phase and when necessary. 


Tama Toa Programme

MENTOA Ltd also works with young men who are outside of the education system and who are, in most instances, in the care and protection of Oranga Tamariki.  These boys are more than likely disengaged and disconnected from any formal education environment like school.  The '1 on 1' mentoring approach is the preferred and desired intervention which is aimed at focusing the boys towards a pathway that leads to either further education, training or employment.  Some of the boys that come through to the Tama Toa Programme are also referred through Supported Bail or have been placed on remand/curfew by the courts and referred to MENTOA as part of their plan.


Whānau Ora Outcomes Framework

Whānau Ora is a culturally grounded, holistic approach to improving the wellbeing of whānau as a group, and addressing individual needs within the context of whānau.  Characteristics include:

  • Building whānau capability to support whānau self-management, independence and autonomy

  • Putting whānau needs and aspirations at the centre with services that are integrated and accessible

  • Building trusting relationships between service providers and whānau, and between government agencies and Iwi

  • Developing a culturally competent and technically skilled workforce able to adopt a holistic, whānau-centred approach to supporting whānau aspirations

  • Supporting funding contracting and policy arrangements, as well as an effective leadership from government and Iwi to support whānau aspirations

MENTOA Ltd is committed to the implementation of the Whānau Ora Outcomes Framework by supporting whānau to identify the aspirations they have to improve their lives and build their capacity to achieve their collective and individual whānau goals

“shot bro the roopu was buzzing after u fullas left. More than anything it is the sence of hope you guys epitomise for our youth. You are talking and walking our same kaupapa and we were all inspired to see it”

Mark Armstrong - RTLB