MENTOA programmes are built on a strong foundation of Te Reo me ona Tikanga Māori.  The team at MENTOA are highly motivated and skilled practitioners of their respective areas of expertise and in all instances MENTOA understands the need for every young person to have a champion in their lives - someone that will never give up on them, who understands the power of relationships, of being connected to the world they live in and the world they come from. It’s about ‘rights of passage’ for our young Māori men and ‘demystifying the belief’ that society has already failed them because of their cultural identity.  Being Māori is something they should be proud of.  We achieve this by providing mentors who have done exactly that – demystified the belief and become successful at what they have achieved through their own lives. 

“Sometimes it is the people no one can imagine anything of who do the things no one can imagine.” 
― Alan Turing

Mahuru Robinson
Founder / Rangatira

Mahuru is the founder of MENTOA and is the Managing Director and Lead Consultant.  Mahuru has worked in the education and youth justice sectors for over 20 years, after graduating as a qualified teacher in the mid 90's.  Mahuru is a fluent speaker of Te Reo Māori and is a member of the NZ Institue of Directors.

Julie Robinson
Managing Director

Julie is the 'go-to-girl' at MENTOA and is responsible for keeping all the men in check.  Julie has 25 years experience in administration and project management and has a personal connection to MENTOA through Mahuru and their two children Te Hukinga (9) and Te Karere Omahuru (6).